Speaking of travel it is domestic.

Speaking of travel, it is domestic.

Speaking of travel, it is domestic. Many people want to go abroad, but I think that there are many good places in the country as well .... Personally I like the seashore in the Tohoku area. Because fish is delicious! I was born and raised in the unprecedented prefecture, and the delicious fish is the best feast. Since I was chosen from seafood rice bowls rather than steak since childhood, the place where I can eat delicious fish is the best. And nature's beautiful nature unique to the northern part of Tohoku is good. Ragged rocky places such as those that endured the coldness of winter seem to meet a lot of scenery that will be much farther even in places that are not named. However! The best recommendation is for Izu. Because there are reasons why I am cursed because I am just going on a honeymoon, I think that it is a good idea to remove it. In the cactus Park of Izu, it is healed by the capybara parents and children of a stupid and charming look, enchanted by the extremely colored birds. Commemorative photo taken with the lift of Opiriyama nearby. While driving along the beach, eat snack at the road station. If you like hot springs, you may take an inn at Shuzenji Onsen and Izu Nagaoka Onsen. On the way back, I will go to Numazu Port, buy delicious dried fish, extend my feet to Mishima, go to an eel party where I can have a row. it's the best! From the metropolitan area, you can drive, enjoy, enjoy and delicious trip!

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